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Just as every bride anticipates her pre-wedding events, every groom anticipates his bachelor party. It’s his and his closest friends’ last chance to get together for a spectacular party. From organizing a trip to bizarre customs, Elizabeth Limos has professional advice to throw your guest of honor a bachelor party he will never forget.


As the groom approaches one of the most significant days of his life, the best man must choose the groom’s closest male pals. This comprises the grooms closest childhood, college, in-law, cousin, and work buddies. Also, make sure all guests are over 21, as bachelor parties often include beer, smoking, and raucous activities.


Bachelor parties are usually limited to the groom’s closest male pals, so invite ten or less. Remember that taking the groom to a destination celebration may not be in everyone’s budget; airline and hotel costs can add up quickly. So, count your guests and be aware that some men may not show up.


The best man usually decides what events are appropriate for the groom depending on his personality and hobbies. Talk to his fiancee and close family members.


This choice is excellent for a more laid-back setting and conversation and is a popular local and low-key bachelor party concept. To spend the day with your best friends on the golf course, if the groom appreciates sports. A huge gathering might also see his favorite sports team play. Make a “guys weekend” out of it by tailgating and purchasing deluxe-boxed seats for home games.


Perhaps Las Vegas, Miami, Austin, Chicago or Mexico might be more appealing to a groom who enjoys the high life and partying. Forget the hotel and rent a house for the weekend. You can also charter a yacht for fishing or cruising.


Before scheduling anything, negotiate a budget with the guests you have confirmed. Participants usually chip in for meals, alcohol, housing, and vehicle service. You can then split costs. Try not to open the groom’s wallet.


A bachelor party is also a no-photo zone. The evening should be stress-free. No need to take images that may embarrass the groom or any of the groomsmen for fear of capturing an unflattering moment on camera. Leave the cameras at home and enjoy the male camaraderie.


During many bachelor parties, the fiancé surprises the groom and his groomsmen with gifts. These presents usually consist of a nice bottle of whiskey or cigars waiting for the guest upon arrival. Brides-to-be often make a beer cake, three levels of beer tied together with a ribbon. Brides-to-be can also make hangover kits including Gatorade, Tylenol, mouthwash, and eye drops. The groom and his guys can even wear personalized hats or a “Buy me a brew before I say I do” tshirt. These gifts are thoughtful and fun ways for the bride-to-be to encourage a good time.


The key to a successful bachelor party is getting the groom to relax, have fun, and ultimately honor him on his last days as a free man. You can arrange a spectacular bachelor party by choosing the proper company, reserving the correct venue, and following bachelor party etiquette. Contact Elizabeth Limos (908) 274-0580 for help organizing your pre-wedding events.

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